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About Us- The Problem

Almost 1 in 10 Californians still lack any form of medical insurance. An even greater number do not receive ongoing dental or vision care due to financial barriers. Dental, medical and vision problems, when left untreated, can often become sources of great pain and anxiety for underprivileged families. Preventable dental disease can lead to expensive emergency room visits, putting stress on an already taxed public healthcare system. Healing California aims to bridge the gaps in access to basic care felt by underserved communities.

Our Mission & Vision

Healing California provides free medical, dental and vision care to those in need in California.

Through the recruitment of volunteer professionals who serve at temporary, pop-up clinics across the state, we aim to deliver a high standard of basic care. Our priorities are to take patients out of pain, remove infection and put them back on the path to better health. We treat our patients with the dignity that they deserve and provide a fulfilling, life-affirming experience for our volunteers.

Your Questions

Dental, vision and medical services. Services will vary by event so check on the individual clinic to find out more. 

We partner with veterans stand down and community health events throughout California to serve patients in need. See our partner page for more information. See our upcoming clinics here

There is always a need for general volunteers at our clinics. Whether it is checking patients in, putting together pairs of glasses, or a variety of other tasks, we always need volunteers to help out. This doesn’t require any previous experience or training. Go to the volunteer page to find out more.

Healing California is all About…

Access to Care

We are expanding access to care to those who find themselves shut out of the current healthcare system.


Using a volunteer based model makes sure our resources go further, which allows us to make a greater impact in the communities we serve.


We have an emphasis on the quality of the volunteer experience. We give professionals the tools, framework and guidance they need to have a fulfilling, rewarding and impactful relationship with Healing California.


Our commitment to transparency with our donors, volunteers and community partners is aimed at forging long term relationships to build lasting results.  Learn more about our team.